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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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dublin 100, livermore also coming in at 100. it is also very warm down in the south bay. right now, 92 in san jose near the airport, 100 in campbell, 98 in saratoga and 100 in los altos. right up the peninsula, not only warm here, but pacifica, temperatures continue in the upper 70s. more details on what this means for tomorrow's forecast coming up. >> jeff, see you shortly. here's something we're used to, we've been doing this for decades, garlic and heat go together, at least in gilroy. people are loving in. lines already long at the gilroy garlic festival, which kicked off this morning. michelle roberts is at the best spot in the festival, gourmet alley. a lot of fun, but also potentially dangerous. >> reporter: absolutely, emergency crews have been busy all day long. i just spoke to the fire department, they treated 65 people here today, four had to
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be taken to the hospital. the majority all heat related. even with the great food and cool drinks and the shade, it still can be very dangerous out here. more than 100,000 people are expected to brave the summer heat at the gilroy garlic festival this weekend. >> lots of water, lots of shade. >> reporter: shade is good, shade and misters are even better. >> staying here in the rain room eating ice cream. >> garlic ice cream. >> garlic ice cream. >> reporter: high risk, high reward for the ice cream, the epic line is in the direct sun. >> it's like being in an oven. >> hi, there. >> reporter: emergency crews are easy to spot. tim price with the gilroy fire department is spending the day responding to medical emergencies. most of which he says are heat related. >> we want to do is catch that heat exhaustion before it progresses into something that's real serious like heatstroke. >> reporter: it's the first year
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paramedics are responding on bikes. >> the hardest thing is getting to the call. >> reporter: he says dense crowds and windy walkways can be a challenge to navigate in a car. the bikes make for faster response times. >> garlic base bike team one, we're going to go to the children's area. >> reporter: price is encouraging patients and garlic lovers to stay hydrated and rest when you can. >> she's got her fan to cope with the heat and i'm drinking beer to cope with the heat. >> reporter: back out here live, dinner is being cooked right now. we've got some calamari and scampi. i think the entire crowd has garlic breath, including myself. everyone's cheering right now because, of course, this is the best spot to be at gourmet alley. it only goes on for another couple hours tonight, but tomorrow make sure you dress appropriately and drink lots of water. reporting live in gilroy, michelle roberts, back to you. >> i have a feeling michelle will not be bringing leftovers to the studio. thanks, michelle.
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real time weather coverage is always online, then enter your zip code to track the temperature in your specific neighborhood. new at 5:00, a stretch limo goes up in flames and it's all caught on video. a limo driver narrowly escaped injury. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez spoke with firefighters about what happened and how everyone managed to walk away unharmed. jodi? >> reporter: that's right. firefighters say the fire started in the engine and in mere minutes completely incinerated the limb zone. you can see remnants of the fire right here on the sidewalk. it's a blaze firefighters say could easily have been deadly. take a look at how quickly this stretch limousine went up in flames. the driver and owner of the limb zone had just taken the limo to the car wash when it started overheating. firefighters say it was completely engulfed in less than three minutes.
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>> they have the phones, the seats, the upholsteries, tremendous amount of plastics, wood panelling, a lot of electric wiring, you know, a lot of these limousines are fancy, but very, very flammable. >> reporter: the incident is just one more example just how potentially dangerous things can get if a limousine catches fire. last year five women died when the limo they were riding in caught fire on the san mateo bridge and some elderly women barely escaped when a limousine caught fire last june in walnut creek. luckily this time there were no passengers onboard. >> people have been inside, it would have been a different and deadly scenario. >> as of right now, you know, we have never had an incident before, we have always upkept our vehicles very well, maintain our vehicles very well, safety is our number one priority. >> reporter: and we're back live. the folks who run the company that owns the limousine said the limo had been out of service for several months for some
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upgrades, it had gotten new stereo, upholstery and such. they say it was due to take four people on a wine tour tomorrow. reporting live in vallejo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> such a scary situation. thanks, jodi. more details now because of last year's deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge, a new california law was passed on helping riders escape. five young women died in the fire. it requires additional emergency exits. all new limos must have them starting next summer. older vehicles will have another two and a half years to make the changes. in the midst of the busy summer camp season, a local youth soccer coach is facing molestation charges. investigators say it happened at a east bay soccer camp. the 26 year old seen here was arrested on tuesday. he coaches at the cabernet indoor sports facility in livermore. it's a popular spot. police say he faces charges of committing a lewd act on a child under the age of 14. he's now out on bail.
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the company issued a statement saying the coach has been suspended pending results of the police investigation. five people are recovering tonight after a brutal attack in east san jose. it happened on darwin way one block from overfeld high school around 11:00 last night. three men were stabbed, two more were hit in the head with some kind of weapon. all five men were seriously hurt but are expected to survive. no word on the motive or suspects. we broke the story last night and this evening we're getting even more details. it's going from bad to worse for embattled state senator lee. racketeering charges have now been added. nbc bay area's mark matthews has been at the forefront of the case and is joining us from the federal courthouse in san francisco. mark? >> reporter: here's the indictment, it is 88 pages outlining much of what was in the original indictment, plus racketeering charges that really changed the scope of the case. we have pictures of now
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suspended state senator leyland lee. the indictment has a couple new changes. the government is accusing him of agreeing to a measure that would limit a professional athlete's ability to make a workman's comp claim in california. he allegedly agreed to support that law in exchange for $60,000 from an unnamed nfl owner, but legal analyst dean johnson says by far the most significant aspect of the new indictment is the alleged violation of the racketeering influence and corrupt organization statute known as rico. >> one of the sentences for being part of that enterprise under rico are very heavy. potential sentence for one count of a rico violation is 20 years in federal prison and $25,000 fine. it really ups the ante for some of these defendants. >> reporter: for chow, the racketeering charges makes it very likely some of the 27
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others charged in this case will be talking with federal prosecutors about a plea deal in exchange for their cooperation. coming up at 6:00, we will be talking with one of the lawyers representing raymond chow about the potential that some of these defendants will wind up as witnesses for the prosecution. reporting from the federal courthouse, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> okay, see you in a bit. thanks, mark. now overseas to the latest in the middle east where there's a tiny bit of hope tonight. israel and gaza have agreed to a 12-hour cease-fire starting tomorrow morning. that's after israel today turned down a week-long truce proposed by u.s. secretary of state john kerry. even though the cease-fire is right around the corner, israel says it may still expand its ground operation into gaza. secretary kerry says he's still confident he can get both sides to agree on a long-term solution. the current conflict has killed more than 800 people, mostly civilians. tonight we are getting our first look at the wreckage from yesterday's plane crash in
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africa. investigators have recovered one of the black boxes from the crash site in northern mali. what we know right now is that the air algerie plane was traveling from burkina faso to germany. all 118 people onboard were killed. almost half were french nationals. president obama's new plan to handle the immigration crisis is raising some eyebrows. mr. obama met with the presidents of guatemala, el salvador and honduras at the white house today. president obama wants to offer formal asylum hearings for undocumented children not here in the united states, but their home countries. he says giving the kids a chance to plead their case at home will prevent them from making the often deadly journey to the u.s. >> there may be some narrow circumstances in which there is humanitarian or refugee status that a family might be eligible
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for. if that were the case, it would be better for them to be able to apply in country. >> republicans say the president needs to focus on a plan to speed up deportations for the tens of thousands of undocumented children already in the u.s. the president and congress have not agreed to a plan. congress begins its summer break next week. still to come, unlocking options. the new law that could mean for freedom for cell phone users nationwide. also -- >> i'm scott budman. tech companies say they can't find enough female techies to hire. well, we can. we've got a report coming up from the bloggers conference just ahead. live at levi stadium where season ticketholders are getting a tour of the facility and perhaps sticker shock at the cost of food. that's coming up next. then at 6:00, suspended for fighting on a bay area campus. >> she should not have a violent altercation on her record for defending herself against two attackers. >> but now the girl's parents
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are squaring off in a much different kind of fight. that's new at 6:00.
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call it a win for cell phone users, congress passed a bill that allows you to take your cell phone from one carrier to another. a software setting usually restricts a phone to one carrier. carriers can give you the code to change it, but have been reluctant to do so. even though you can transfer phones now, the bill does not prevent carriers from charging cancellation fees. president obama says he plans to sign it into law. many of the biggest tech companies have faced heavy criticism for their apparent gender bias, but today in silicon valley, it was all about the women. we're talking about a blogging convention matching female bloggers and companies trying to woo them. our business and tech reporter scott budman was at the conference and joins us live with more. scott? >> reporter: well, janelle, the
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annual conference gives us a look into just how powerful blogging and bloggers can be. it also serves as a rebuke to tech companies who say they can't find women to hire. they are getting cheers for their blogging, pitched by companies for their blogging. and interviewed for their blogging. the women of the blog her conference are very sought after these days because they are so influential. >> not only the largest audience, but you also have the largest consumer block that's actually not only participating in the decision making, but also influencing other women to participate in that decision making. >> it is the women writing and we use your product, we can tell other people, because we have audiences. they are reading what we're saying, paying attention to it. >> reporter: and it's big business. more than 4,000 people came to the bay area to blog and pitch
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bloggers, also aware that while tech companies are claiming that they can't find enough female techies, they really don't have to look too far. >> we have 150 to 200 women speakers here at this conference across every discipline and across every skill, and you know what, if i want to find them, i don't find it hard to find them, but i have to go in with the intentions of finding them. >> reporter: they are here and these businesses know it. i should mention in the interest of disclosure that nbc is an investor in blog her, the convention, by the way, runs through tomorrow. on the docket for tomorrow, speakers that include ariana huffington and the actress kerry washington. reporting live in downtown san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> a growing and popular event. thanks, scott. well, pay a lot to go and pay a lot to eat. the 49ers released the food prices today for levi stadium and almost all the items are more expensive than the stick.
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>> okay. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us, has the nbc corporate card and has the story from levi stadium. damian? >> reporter: absolutely right. 49ers released a mobile app today and on that app is the picture of the food you might want to eat and the prices, and the cost of food is not cheap. season ticketholders lined up since noon today waiting to get inside the gates to take a look at their seats and the food here at levi's. many were looking at the food prices on their phones. the cheapest beer went up 50 cents to $10.25, compared to the prices at candlestick, and get this, one water and one bag of m&ms, almost $12. the rise in food prices coincides with the rise in ticket prices. keep in mind the team has to find ways to pay for its $1.3 billion stadium. but even with the high prices, fans today say they'll gladly open up their wallets. >> one water, one candy, $12.
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>> you know what, it's the 49ers, you know? we're not in disneyland anymore. >> reporter: the cheapest seats are $85, plus don't forget at least $40 for parking. and they don't sell hot dogs here, here they are called frankfurters, the word hot dog has been banned. i heard several complaints today about gridlock on highway 101 approaching the stadium. just one other thing to think about. live in santa clara, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> well said, damian. prices on the rise and so are our temperatures. let's get a check of our forecast with jeff ranieri. >> hopefully they've got some sort of slushy item. i'm not sure. i'm sure damian knew all about that today. let's get a look at the temperatures. it was extremely hot down in the south bay. check it out, 105 degrees in gilroy. that was the hotst temperature. dublin also 102, napa 102, wall
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nut creek, 100, and south san jose coming in at 99. san francisco 88. not 100, but that was still good enough for record setting heat across san francisco for today. a lot of the car thermometers, especially in gilroy, were probably reading 110 degrees. that's just because the official temperature is measured in the shade. that's why when you're zooming across in your car out in that full sun, it tends to catapult up there. take a look outside right now, obviously, it is still warm to hot for this time of the night. check out the average in the north bay, even though the sun is setting, 94 degrees, fire concern in effect. all the way down towards the south bay, dry wind, as well, lowering humidity down to the teens and also low 20s. we'll flip it over here from the east shore, which is at 87, to the tri-valley still at 100. it's a scorcher right now and it's going to be uncomfortable this evening if you do have any plans outside. we'll also bring you to san francisco, it is, of course,
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game night tonight here on nbc bay area. you can see temperatures at first pitch, 7:15, 76 degrees, winds out of the west, southwest at 10 miles per hour. look at this, fog-free night expected out there at at&t park. see what it does to the giants and their play coming up. latest forecast as we head throughout saturday, you can see the microclimate will go down a few degrees from today, but it's still going to stay uncomfortably hot throughout the south bay. san jose expecting 96 and sunny skies. still bordering the century mark there in saratoga and for morgan hill, 95. across the peninsula, beach weather for pacifica. palo alto 93. if you're headed to san francisco, this is the day if for some reason, i don't know why, but you can't stand the fog, it's going to feel nice out there, warm temperatures out in the sun. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay, tri-valley. over 100 in napa today, drop it
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down to 96. sausalito, and the car thermometer will shoot up again to walnut creek, 99. and pleasanton 98. more comfortable for saturday, then you could see throughout sunday's forecast, numbers go down just a little bit more. but zone in on the tri-valley, it's going to stay hot through sunday's forecast with 95. all right, say you're headed to the south bay, to the garlic festival, we saw michelle roberts out there earlier, it's going to be hot, probably going to smell like a giant pizza oven. it's going to be a fun time to head out there this saturday. >> i can smell it right now. >> i know. my mouth is watering. thanks, jeff. just ahead, the big check bart is getting to protect against terrorism. and a fresh look for fremont, the ceremony under way right now to bring something to the city it's lacked for decades.
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a frustrating commute after a bomb threat shut down the coliseum station at the peak of the commute this morning. bart officials say someone called 911 just after 7:30 a.m. to report the threat. passengers were taken off the trains and all traffic to the station was halted while police, as you can see, searched the area. the crews didn't find anything, but the search disrupted trains on three different lines for more than an hour. bart is given a grant to protect its transbay tube against terrorism. it was announced bart will get $17.4 million in a grant from the department of homeland security. the money will be used to secure the tube that connects the east
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bay and san francisco. the member of the homeland security subcommittee. a slice of pamplona in pleasanton. about 4,000 people are expected to run with the bulls this weekend. it's all happening at the alameda county fairgrounds. for $60, you can run along a half-mile course. animal rights activists have filed lawsuits claiming animal abuse. event organizers say the animals are well cared for and have never had any injuries. the case remains tied up in court so the first o three runs will go on, they'll be again tomorrow morning at 11:30. e. coli levels in the water in pleasanton are so high that the entire lake had to be closed today. officials had already closed parts of the lake earlier this week, but they shut down the entire beach and water after tests showed the bacteria spreading. officials will meet tomorrow to
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determine how long the beaches will need to stay closed. also closed until monday not because of e. coli, but a toxic algae bloom. it's the first time the east bay regional park district has closed two lakes at the same time. fremont is getting a makeover. the city is holding a special ground breaking ceremony right now to begin work on a new downtown area. a $6 million grant will help create a true downtown. the project will begin with street improvements, followed by the creation of a new commercial district. construction is slated to be done by next march. in this case, their bite is worse than their bark. the unique graduation involving the chp today.
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well be back in about a half hour from now. here's what we're working on for our 6:00 newscast, are there simple ways to increase your gas efficiency? we take a look at what works and what doesn't work in our reality check. the newest chp officers are ready to make a bite out of crime. eight k-9 officers graduated today. as part of the graduation, the newest officers demonstrated their unique crime fighting skills. the k-9 officers and their handlers have completed 11 weeks of training. they are scheduled to hit the streets immediately. we are counting down towards the big game tonight, giants and dodgers, battle for first place this weekend. tim lincecum tonight for the giants, the game right here on nbc bay area. and because of that, our
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programming is going to shift. take a look at what you're seeing, dateline will air at 8:00 on 36, crossbones at 10:00 on nbc bay area after tonight's big game. >> fight for first place. >> and it's the dodgers. >> i know, rivalry is huge. >> maybe some extra sodas, extra beers, whatever you're drinking? >> and a side of water, too. for every nonwater drink, a water. i'm going to be the boring guy here. a live look at the at&t park center field cam. you can see it down here towards the splash hit zone. >> mccovey cove. >> yes. you can see we are fog free. it's going to stay fog free throughout tonight. take a look at the first pitch forecast. i may have to bump the temperature up warmer for the 7:15 start just because it's taking so long to cool off in san francisco, but all in all, upper 70s expected there across the ballpark. the trend here over the next five days keeps that rather warm weather in effect for saturday and sunday.
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>> we have made it to friday. thanks for joining us. on our broadcast tonight, storming the plane. a bomb scare mid-flight, fighter jets scrambled over the u.s. and the terrifying scene after the emergency landing. violent night in the middle east as the israelis reject a cease-fire and warn they may go in bigger. too close for comfort, when a drone whizzed by an iconic tourist attraction and the cops then found out who was at the controls. nfl firestorm. the football star, domestic violence and now the outrage over the punishment. and what she's having, as a big movie marks a big milestone, tonight, the number of women who still go back to reenact one of hollywood's most memorable scenes. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams.


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